About iPG

Interactive Product Group (iPG) is a small incubator group within Condé Nast that is charged with developing digital products, separate from our existing publication brands. We were started in Early 2011 and have released three products since our inception:

Idea Flight – Productivity app for the iPad
Idea Flight Enterprise – Productivity app for the iPad
SantasHideout.com – Holiday e-commerce website

This year we plan on continuing to develop our existing products and take on new projects and partnerships.

Select the photos in the Bump app Tap the spacebar with your phone



Bump’s new method to share photos from a mobile app to a computer is really clever.  

Using simple technology (the phone’s accelerometer matched against the time the spacebar was pressed), they’re able to pull off a magical effect as the photo instantly appears on computer’s screen.  

They’ve made photo sharing not only an intuitive process, but also into a really cool parlor trick.

Try it out.

Very cool.

Posted on Monday, April 16th 2012

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